Friday, April 3, 2009

global warming rant....

So, most everyone has heard of it....not everyone believes it is happening.

I do. Do you?

Those who say it is bogus ALWAYS reference the fact that the earth goes thru normal temperature swings. This is true. However, it is the degree of change that must be looked at. I'm no scientist mind you, but scientists "mostly" agree that there is measurable change occurring as we live and breathe.

Smog from China blowing over Korea:

People who say it is bogus also say, "show me proof, not theories!". Well, if we had been actively measuring climate changes for the past million years, we might have this hard "proof" that would be undeniable.
We do however, have the truth in the ice caps and ice core samples which give us a glimpse into the past, currently up to 800,000 years ago.
CO2 levels and bubbles in the collected 2 mile long ice core can be analyzed and thus reveal the changing climate at certain times in the earth's history. Shifts in climate are seen, and prove that temps have varied over time, but not as sharply as they have in recent history.
The earth was once covered mostly with ice. (Ever seen Ice Age?) Then it warmed up, and we have since been enjoying a nice "warm age".
Are we to blame?
Maybe.....maybe not. I guess the debate will continue and our scientists will continue to collect data. But consider that when the smog created over China can wrap around the globe and create a haze in the Pacific NW of the USA, can this be a good thing???
Even if global warming isn't as bad as some would think, what's wrong with taking an interest in protecting our resources, reducing emissions, and living more "Green"???
There will be thousands of new jobs and industries created in step with this Green Movement so how is that ruining our precious capitalistic society?
I need to go for a ride.....hopefully it will be nice and WARM this weekend.....ah, global warming feels good after a long winter!

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