Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beer #10, Mine

One of mine....Juniper Chinook IPA (homebrew)

The supply is becoming quite limited on this one, as it goes down pretty easy.  Walt liked the 22oz sample I sent him

note the cool dead beetle I found
It's an IPA featuring exclusively Chinook hops a plenty, with a handful of juniper berries, mashed and dropped in for flavor.  Juniper berries are used more frequently as a flavor enhancer for gin, but in this case, give a bit of a earthy bite to this homebrew.  Mouthfeel is rather dry and there's a hoppy almost sappy flavor due to the abundance of chinook hops.  ABV unknown as I didn't bother with an original or final gravity reading, but it's probably in the neighborhood of 5-5.5%.  Color is a nice golden bronze.

On a bike related note, I picked up a Kenda Slant Six tire today from Carytown Bikes..hoping this tire gives a little better bite than the Nanoraptor for winter riding.  The tread is somewhat low-profile, but the tread is wider than many of the other tires I was considering including a local fave, Maxxis Ignitor.

on another related note, does anyone read this dribble?
edit - after checking my global stat thingy, besides people in VA, the next biggest fan base is blog reader people in CA.  weird.

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