Tuesday, April 6, 2010

camping and newbies....

Last Friday night, it was boy's-night-out to try out our new pop-up camper. Me, the bro, and my dad headed west to Cumberland for a quick overnight stay at Bear Creek Lake State park.

We intended to test the new camper trailer and figure out what we'll need for a longer outings and make sure everything is working...

....while we there, I intended to take them on a little biking adventure, poaching some of the singletrack hiking trails (don't tell Ann!) and the CMT (Cumberland Multiuse Trail) that resides mostly on Cumberland State Forest land.

....although the trip was cut short a bit by the happenings that required me to get back into town (see previous blog entry)...we did have some good fun and completed the mission.

*(not in Chesterfield)

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