Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finding some flow

Rode Fountainhead with some friends on Good Friday....and a good Friday it was, save for the crappy NoVA traffic.   The NoVA M.O.R.E. organization has done a great job in revitalizing Fountainhead over the last few years, well worth a drive to ride it.  The green and blue trail have a sweet flow-trail vibe going on. 

After FH, we headed east to Laurel Hill to ride some of the relatively new single-track including the Power Station loop and Slaughterhouse loop.  Sections of singletrack are connected by the Fairfax cross-country trail.

Slaughterhouse begins behind a creepy old building that was part of the now defunct Lorton reformatory, first opened in 1916. (soon to be reconditioned into apartments and shops!)

Had to take a peek inside.  See the chop block table? 
Not shown:  There are tracks in the ceiling for the meat hooks.

The Boba Fetts say I must return.

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fleetwood said...

I agree with the Boba Fetts.