Saturday, May 29, 2010

camping at James River State Park

We went camping at James River State Park last weekend...myself, Steph and Lydia. It was the first time we've gone camping as a family and with the new Coleman pop-up.

James River is a great's relatively new so the facilities are modern and clean. It's easy to get to and the surrounding area is very scenic.

There's about 20 miles or so of trail, mostly fireroad, but I imagine if a local club took up the challenge, they could create some sweet singletrack in the area. Some of the trail is a bit rugged so there are some challenges and worth bringing the bike if you're going here.

The location of the park offers a 3 mile or more float down the river with optional shuttle services available, although you'd have to time it right for when the water's not too high and the wind is calm.

Lydia and me tried some fishing...not very successful, but Lydia had fun.

.....back at home, the garden is doing real well.
the rasberries are starting to produce also and the blackberry bushes are loaded with berries on the way....

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