Thursday, March 18, 2010

still trying to get my ride on....

Woah, it’s now getting in the 70s this week! Mother Spring just delivered a body blow to Old Man Winter to jump start the season.

Buds are beginning to bloom and leaves are sprouting. The forest is always pretty this time of year in the hills where the redbuds are the first to bloom…keep a lookout for them in the coming weeks, especially on portions of Lakeview Too.

The trails are finally dry enuf to ride, but I’m stuck at work, but at least getting a 30min ride in at lunchtime to stretch the legs a bit.

The drop bar el Mariachi has turned out to be a great setup for all around riding/training. Dedicated singletrack duty will be reserved for the Black Cat.

Salsa Cycles has some new “mini” racks in the works which look to be a perfect complement to my drop-bar setup for some little bike camping excursions…..

....also have another little project in the works with some of the bits I picked up at this year's swap meet.....just need to add a rear brake, fix the rear tube that went flat, and steal my singlespeed cog back from Steve....Hey Crankee, you reading this???!!!

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