Thursday, February 18, 2010

Did I mention I hate winter?

Been a crappy past few weeks….
If the snow and cold wasn’t enough…..

A couple weeks ago the folks had to put down the family dog, DJ, after 15 years. My mother will especially miss her spotted boy.

My wifes grandmother past away...(not too surprising since she was in bad health)

This past Saturday, my aunt completely broke all bones in her ankle after slipping on some slush last weekend. Being a widow, she’ll be having a hard time recovering and getting around so she’s being cared for by my mom and dad…

This past Sunday, my wife had to be admitted to the hospital again after another severe bout of abdominal pain….more tests scheduled next week, but signs point to some recurring issues from being kicked in the midsection by a horse some ten years ago causing these pancreatitis attacks now.

On 2/24, she has scheduled another procedure to examine her make matters worse, the insurance company is now trying to deny us any further coverage including her hospital stay......

Nonetheless, riding has taken a back seat to all the other going’s on.
Starting to feel a little like Glass Joe.

I do have some brews in the works….a couple new brews are bottle-conditioning now and a Twelth Night Stout on deck for the next boil…..
Remember kids, drinking always helps!!

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