Monday, March 16, 2009

Beer Makin 101

Inspired by some good friends, Jeff B and Jay D (sounds like a couple of rappers doesn't it??), I decided to play my hand at makin some beer. I'm not going to get into the precise steps here, but just a little follow-along story...

Picked me up a kit including all the basic gear at The Weekend Brewer, as well as the first ingredient kit. This first batch will be an American Amber Ale, also labeled "Big Sky Amber Ale". Supposed to be a nice big hoppy amber....Perfect!!!

So first I sanitized all the junk and got all ready to get the brew going....Steph just thought I was making a mess....ha! she hasn't seen a mess, yet! (that is, until she sees me boil-over the pot all over the stove)

Basically, if you don't know much about beer making, it's not that complicated, but there are many steps, and you must follow those steps precisely. Even after this first attempt at making beer, I've already gained a much more lively appreciation for what it takes to make beer.

You gotta start w/a boil.....
add some malt

and some Hops some other stuff, then stick it in a brew bucket (the primary fermenter if you will). I'll leave it in here for about a week, then rack it to the secondary glass fermenter where it will do some final clearing and aging....

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